College tennis player kicked off team for ‘shocking & offensive’ jokes about ladies

The student, senior tennis player Goutham Sundaram, was removed from his team in the wake of his performance as the emcee of the event Sunday. From the phase of the "Wally Awards," that solemnized highest achievements with UP athletes, Sundaram announclymade repeated references to his Indian heritage When joking that his goal at the school was to date "white" ladies. "The comments that night were offensive — to ladies, men of color, ladies of color, to all members of our society who believe in dignity & respect for all individuals," Portland's president, Fr. To belittle the work of others as a method of bolstering your own sexistentitlement is nauseating. 'Insulted' pro-Donald trump Spurs fans feel forced to select among their team & the president

University of Portland tennis player booted from team over banquet speech

Senior tennis player at the University of Portland, Goutham Sundaram, was booted from his team after he gave an inappropriate speech at a co-ed sports banquetA senior tennis player at the University of Portland was dismissed from the team after he offered an offensive banquet speech detailing his sexistpursuits to a horrified crowd of educators, parents & fellow student athletes. Female athlete & The Beacon writer, Olivia Sanchez, expressed her disgust over the tennis player's speech, that left various individuals in the audience darting through the auditorium. Above shows the tennis team on their website (Sundaram not pictured)He repeated: 'Go brown & Turn around your frown upside drop.' When some coaches apologized for Sundaram's speech & he was booted from the tennis team, Sanchez said she was disappointed further action was not taken at the sports banquet. Sanchez added: 'Sundaram's words were actively marginalizing all the ladies who have worked difficulty all year for this.

University of Portland tennis player booted from team over banquet speech

University of Portland tennis player kicked off team for misogynistic speech at awards banquet

as declared in (picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto)Goutham Sundaram has been removed from the University of Portland men's tennis team after delivering a misogynistic & violent speech during the school's annual Wally Awards. Mark Poorman, who was seated near the forehead, never tried to stop Sundaram or go up on phase, according to Sanchez. Not long after, Sundaram walked off, according to Sanchez. while men's tennis coach Aaron Gross later took the phase, he told Sundaram he loved him however his views didn't reflect those of the team. As a student at the University of Portland, & as a journalist compelled to hold strengthto account, I am deeply disappointed in our university president, our senior associate athletic director & senior lady administrator.

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