Nick Newell, MMA Fighter by one Hand, Puts Ultimate Fighting Championship on Notice After Quick beat at LFA

Legacy Battling Alliance at the Arena Theatre in Houston was Determine for the return of Nick Newell. Newell, who is missing portion of his left arm only below the elbow, has amassed a 13-one professional record. six-ranked lightweight contender Justin Gaethje, & his beat total went up to 14 next a dominant performance versus Sonny Luque on Friday. which's it, which's last," said Newell. I'm one of a better fighters in the world & I've evidenced it 14 times."

Hustlejitsu: previous Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter Alan Belcher looks to dominate MMA consulting world by battle Business

The same behavior which he brought to his 26-battle MMA career is This time serving him well in his current competitive venture, the field of business consultation. The final time Belcher fought, it was in 2013 at Ultimate Fighting Championship 159 versus aftertime middleweight champion Michael Bisping. A gym owner for over 10 years, Horn credits Belcher by "adding direction" during a time while he was overhauling his business. "We completely turned his business around & This time he's getting what he deserves from MMA," said Belcher. He's seeing similar success by battle Business This time, just this time, he's not settling for anything less than the highest of the mountain.

Hustlejitsu: Former UFC fighter Alan Belcher looks to dominate MMA consulting world with Combat Business

MMA fighter by just 1 hand clamors to join Ultimate Fighting Championship after beat

as declared in He probably just have one hand, however Nick Newell perhaps be one of the generality talented MMA fighters not signed to Ultimate Fighting Championship. Newell, who is missing portion of his left arm below his elbow, has amassed an impressive 14-one MMA career. (AXS Television Fights / YouTube)Shortly after the battle, Newell said even by his physical disability he is continue talented sufficient to be signed to Ultimate Fighting Championship. "I'm one of a better fighters in the world & I belong in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. I'm one of a better fighters in the world & I evidenced it 14 times."

Ultimate Fighting Championship break news, rumors: Tyron Woodley tells he's getting Floyd Mayweather availiable for MMA

This June, the Ultimate Fighting Championship going to hold its premier pay-per-view event in Chicago by Ultimate Fighting Championship 225. It appears we perhaps be getting our answer to which recently, as a much-anticipated middleweight title battle seems to be headed our method later this summer. allow's have a look at this & other Ultimate Fighting Championship headlines making the rounds for Friday, March nine. which rematch seems destined to happen in forehead of the Ultimate Fighting Championship faithful in Chicago on June nine inside the United Center. We're all eager to see them face off once more for the middleweight title -- allow's only wish there's no weight-in drama, though.

UFC news, rumors: Tyron Woodley says he's getting Floyd Mayweather ready for MMA

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