A short history of the soshort history of male National Football League cheerleaders

Professional dancers Quinton Peron & Napolean Jinnies have made National Football League history this 7 days with becoming the league's premier male cheerleaders, as portion of the Los Angeles Rams squad. Congratulations to our 2018 Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders! pic.twitter.com/gYlXtC0BOd — Rams Cheerleaders (@LARamsCheer) March 26, 2018Cheerleading wasn't always Extremely heteronormative. Crepeau said that in his study about the history of the National Football League, that was founded in 1920, he has never seen reference to male cheerleaders. In 2012, Dixon Hernandez became the premier Person to have a try out for the Houston Texans cheerleading squad.

premier-ever male cheerleaders in National Football League history describe lengthy LA Rams auditions

For the premier time in National Football League history, the Los Angeles Rams reported which 2 men would join its cheerleading squad. Add National Football League as an interest to stay up to date on the latest National Football League break news, vidimus, & test from ABC break news. LA Rams cheerleader captain Emily Leibert said they were selected for further than only their killer moves. Peron & Jinnies round out the team of 40 cheerleaders & going to perform as traditional cheerleaders in every sense of the word. Both the Baltimore Ravens & the Indianapolis Colts have male stuntmen, however Peron & Jinnies are the premier-ever male dancers for a professional National Football League team.

First-ever male cheerleaders in NFL history describe lengthy LA Rams auditions

Male cheerleaders are making National Football League history this season

according to The Los Angeles Rams are Determine to break National Football League ground by becoming the premier team to have male performers on its cheerleading squad. Peron said he soon attended a Lakers game in Los Angeles & realized which he perhaps be missing out. Both Peron & Jinnies are classically trained dancers by years of trial, however Jinnies said this particular Determine of auditions was especially rigorous. "They truly only fit the bill to be a Los Angeles Ram cheerleader," she said. A vidimus on Twitter introducing the team Wednesday, full by vidimus montages of Peron & Jinnies, quickly caught the eyes of some fans.

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