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the way could basketball players make a good toll free throw? The way could be maddening

In the spirit of March Madness, Daniel Hagen, a basketball fan by a master's degree in biomedical engineering & This time a 2nd-year PhD student in the Brain-Body Dynamics laboratory at USC, broke drop the biomechanics of the toll free throw. "Such redundancy crises are important in the fields of robotics & control, & have been applied to understand the method we activate individual muscles," Hagen said. A lot of toll free throw styles look the same, however redundancy says America there are an infinite number of ways you could move your joints to put the ball in the Internet. "It's impossible to simulate in practice the Stress a player feels at the toll free throw line," Enfield said. The arc of the toll free throw ought be only above the white square.

How can basketball players make a perfect free throw? The method can be maddening

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