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Arizona's got hoops: 20 #azhsbb stars contending for Arizona basketball player of the year

linked: Arizona high school girls basketball Player of the Year candidatesThere perhaps be a player or 2 not on this list who can emerge from the state tournaments to become 1 of the elite eight. Jovan Blacksher, six-0, Shadow Mountain, Jr.Maybe the fastest player in the state, elite speed & quickness who makes everybody around him better. lock The backcourt of Mike Bibby's Shadow Mountain team has a combined 7 stars & the highlights to match. He does everything for this solid 4A team, averaging lock to 24 points, 4 assists, 7 rebounds & 4 steals. Jason Harris, Higley, six-eight, Jr.Towering, powerful figure who is tough to contain in the paint for 4A team.

Arizona's got hoops: 20 #azhsbb stars contending for Arizona basketball player of the year

SLU basketball player pending for rest of season for assaulting -

as informed in Saint Louis University Basketball star Jordan Goodwin has launched a statement regarding his formerlyreported two-30 days suspension from the programme. Goodwin, a Belleville local, was under a Title IX investigation which found Goodwin innocent however the university found him guilty of assaulting school policy, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Goodwin issued the next statement Tuesday morning after word of his suspension was reported:I take responsibility for a violation of university policy. I am sad to leave my team, however I look forward to returning to Team Blue in probably. Goodwin was 1 of 4 basketball players which were under investigation after being accused of sexistassault back in the fall of 2017.

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