National Football League Mean Tweets are back, & the generality brutal 1 went to Aqib Talib

ever ever it's Super Bowl 7 days, Jimmy Kimmel premiered a Fresh edition of "National Football League Mean Tweets" for everyone to enjoy — or at least everyone who isn't an National Football League personality featured in this segment. Many of the tweets have your level misspelled name or word because clearly no bady wants to check Google & make sure things are spelled correctly. & in a couple of tweets, players have some truly perfect comebacks. Take it away, Aqib Talib:WELP. All he can do was laugh, tell "I'm gone," & walk away.

Watch National Football League Stars Read Mean Tweets on 'Kimmel'

Past & present football stars such as Peyton Manning, Terry Bradshaw, Danny Amendola & Jarvis Landry poke fun at themselves in the latest National Football League edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live's "Mean Tweets." linked Tom Brady: Timeline of the Football Superstar After Super Bowl Triumph What has the star QB been up to ever ever winning the large game? "Terry Bradshaw looks such as someone who is will a Halloween party as Terry Bradshaw," tells the Hall of Fame Steelers quarterback/commentator, reading a tweet. Another Twitter consumer added: "Peyton Manning is the just National Football League player that looks such as the mascot of the team for that he plays, hashtag horseface" to the chagrin of Manning himself. further such as Amari Pooper, #amirite," the Oakland Raiders wide receiver reads, to that he replies, "You're wrong."

Watch NFL Stars Read Mean Tweets on 'Kimmel'

Peyton Manning & further National Football League stars read Mean Tweets for Jimmy Kimmel

as mentioned in just Jimmy Kimmel can get some of the biggest stars to read troll talk from Twitter. Just in time for the Super Bowl on Sunday, the late-night host brought together Peyton Manning, Jason Pierre-Paul, Terry Bradshaw, & further stars from the world of the National Football League for the latest installment of Mean Tweets. "Peyton Manning is the just National Football League player that looks such as the mascot of the team for that he plays. #horseface," Manning read aloud to the cam. "'Amendola by his mustache looks such as a young Burt Reynolds by the rise of Sally Fields.

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