Clackamas HS basketball player tells teammates made racially char - KPTV - FOX twelve

Parents of students on a native high school basketball team are speaking out after 1 of the players was the target of racial slurs & a racially found guilty photo. "They were, such as, only making it not a large bargain & telling which it, such as, was making a joke through it," said KJ Horsley, a freshman on Clackamas High School's basketball team. The 14-year-old tells 2 of his teammates made a photo of his face in a Google search for the n-word. His mom & other parents are furious at, what they tell is, a lack of discipline with school officials. Debbi Lamey, a mom of 1 of the basketball players, tells she's reached out to administrators to find out what actions school officials were will take.

Reedley basketball player by drop syndrome scores premier basket

Jack Welsh has been a devoted member of the boys basketball team for 3 years. It's senior night at Reedley high school, & the final player introduced - is the premier to score for the Pirates. Extremely to me, it was the least we can do to have this type of celebration on senior night." The final player introduced on senior night - which's who you remain generality. while it comes to Jack Welsh - w hen it comes to drop syndrome - remain this, explained Jack's father.

Reedley basketball player with Down syndrome scores first basket

Auburn High School boys basketball player removed from team

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