Controversial tennis player Sandgren apologises over gay club tweet

Melbourne (AFP) - Controversial American tennis player Tennys Sandgren has apologised over a tweet about a visit to a gay club that he said left "his eyes bleeding". She was the subject of 1 Sandgren post over her behaviour during a 2015 America unlock match versus Roberta Vinci that he called "disgusting." Sandgren selected to address a 2012 tweet in that he wrote: "Stumbled into a gay club final night ... my eyes are continue bleeding." "In regards to the gay club tweet from 2012, I used poor & harsh words to describe a bad trial, & isn't indicative of the method I feel about the people in that society," he said late Thursday. Story ContinuesSandgren denied in Melbourne that he supported far-right figures & said who he followed on Twitter "doesn't matter".

Is tennis player Tennys Sandgren US's premier alt-right athlete?

What data you see does not dictate what you think or believe, & I think it's mad to think which," Sandgren said, as transcribed by Deadspin. In 2012, he posted some homophobic tweets about gay clubs & "trannies." All soregular, definitely not alt-right stuff. It's Mysterious whether Sandgren is US's premier alt-right athlete — he's definitely not the premier athlete to be beloved by the alt-right — however he's not the premier to be suspected of being sympathetic to the racist fringe movement. Sandgren is similarly choosing to deny any ties to the alt-right. In a Tuesday interview by ESPN, he attempted to clarify what he meant while he said some of the alt-right's "content" was "interesting." It's "not truly specific 'alt-right' content which I deem of Price," Sandgren said.

Is tennis player Tennys Sandgren America's first alt-right athlete?

American tennis player Tennys Sandgren apologises for homophobic tweet

As it stated in American tennis player Tennys Sandgren has apologised for writing on Twitter which a visit to a gay club had "left his eyes bleeding". To everyone I offended by which, pls accept my apology," Sandgren wrote on Thursday. AdvertisementThe American, though, insisted who he followed or retweeted on Twitter did'nt represent who he is - however subsequently deleted all his messages on the social networking platform bar 1. Directly addressing Sandgren, Williams had written on Twitter: "I do not necessity or need 1. Sandgren later added he would head house to Tennessee to reflect on everything which has happened this fortnight.

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